Saturday, 22 February 2014

Who am I and What does God say about me?

Before I became a Christian I always used to wonder why God would want to care about me, it was something I couldn't really get my head around; but then one day, when I was a fairly new Christian, I was reading the bible and something clicked!

I have been fortunate to be able to hear from God on a frequent basis and I have been encouraged to write a journal on what God says to me along with my thoughts and feelings. My very first journal entry is still one that I enjoy reading time and time again, it acts as a constant reminder of who I am in Christ.

I would like to share this journal entry in the hope that it helps others to become familiar with who they are in Christ; if you are a new Christian, or if your reading this and you are further along in your journey, I hope it will cause you to reflect and remember who you are:

The truths of God's word

I am a child of God
God loves me much more than I realise
God knows everything about me
God has a plan for me
God guides, strengthens, encourages and forgives me
God is my best friend
God is for me and nothing can separate me from him
God gives me hope and joy
God is my provider
God pours out blessings upon me
God is faithful, powerful and trustworthy
God gives the gift of faith and the Holy Spirit
God is awesome and amazing
God reigns over everything
God breaks down barriers and pulls me out of despair
Gods light casts out all fear
God can make old things into new and transform life
God can move mountains and make enemies foot stalls
God is my rock and I will never be shaken
God gives me peace
God answers prayer when I pray
God is with me at all times the good and the bad.

Looking back over this list again I am still in awe of how amazing God is!

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