Monday, 16 June 2014

Over Turning Tables

Today I've been left feeling somewhat of how I imagine Jesus must have felt when he overturned the tables in the temple; he did so because he was frustrated and annoyed at people exploiting the temple.

"Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves."

Mathew 21:12

I have felt like over turning tables as a result of to the feelings I have surrounding a news story that I heard today; a diocese in the Midlands are paying £2.5 million to cover the costs of the re-interment of King Richard III. Now I can appreciate that he was a king, however in Gods eyes I'm sure He saw him as exactly the same as you and I. We are all after all daughters and sons of the one true king. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that £2.5 million is being spent on this in today's climate when so many people are struggling to make ends meet; I know in my own situation my family and I have had to massively cut back, and some months are really hard and we do rely on our credit card to sometimes even pay for food. 

I was in sheer disbelief hearing people explain and unveil the design of the tomb; if you get a chance have a look at it, I'm not convinced that it justifies the price tag placed upon it; I have to admit my 1st impression when looking at it was that it looked like a cardboard box! Those who made the decision then proceeded to ask that people within the diocese give generously to stump up £2 million, the other half a million is coming from within the dioceses pot of money. I can't help but think the half a million will come from the parish giving of local churches, some of which are struggling to make ends meet and in some situations, the diocese is removing funds to pay for clergy in churches; surely if the church can magically find half a million then they can afford to put priests into all churches. 

I feel for all people, church going or not, who must look at this situation and wonder why in one breath the church is saying it wants to do more to help the poor and disadvantaged, but on the other hand is happy to spend so much money on an internment of bones. I also feel on a personal note, how can I take steps to explore ordination further knowing that I really do not fit in within the Church of England organisation? Or am I to be moulded to be fit in and made into a robot who is told to think and do things and never have an opinion? I'm not prepared to change the person God made me to be, but I'm left questioning why God, why are you calling me?

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